The Secret of the Chakras

Are there times when you feel low on energy? Does it seem as if you’re stuck and just can’t get going? It’s critical to unlock the secret of your chakras, so you can live your life to the fullest!


What Are Chakras?

Our chakras are our energy centers. Our body is composed of seven energy fields, located in a line from the lower part of our spine up through the top of our head. These chakras are what motivate us and bring us forward in life. If those energy fields get stuck or damaged, it can impact everything we do.


What Does Each Chakra Do?

Each chakra in our body handles a different aspect of our body and spirit. Starting from the bottom, they are:

Root Chakra – base of spine
This chakra relates to our most basic needs. Food. Shelter. Survival.

Sacral Chakra – pelvis
This is the chakra about our creativity and sexuality.

Navel Chakras – abdomen
This chakra is about our inner wisdom. Our gut reactions to things. It also manages digestion.

Heart Chakra – chest
This is the chakra of love and relationships. Of compassion and warmth.

Throat Chakra – neck
Here we have the chakra of how we express ourselves. Our voice. Our communication.

Third Eye Chakra – forehead
We are now in the realm of imagination. Of our intelligence and awareness.

Crown Chakra – top of head
This is the ultimate chakra of our spirituality. It is about our connection with all living things.


What Happens when a Chakra Gets Stuck?

Each chakra is represented as its own spinning wheel, whirling and generating smooth, powerful energy. But there are times when a chakra can get gummed up or stuck. We can feel that result in our daily activities. Perhaps our heart chakra gets stuck or dingy. We no longer feel the strength of love in our life. We have trouble trusting others. We feel jealous and envious.

Or perhaps it’s our throat chakra which has problems. We aren’t able to communicate well with others. We don’t speak up for our dreams and goals. We literally lose our voice.

The key to handling these situations is to do a chakra evaluation and cleansing.


How to Evaluate and Clean Your Chakras

It really helps to have a physical set of chakra crystals to focus on as you go through this process. One designed as part of an Orgonite object works exceptionally well for the process. Sit in a quiet spot with your chakra object. Breathe deeply through the nose. Let yourself relax.

Start with the bottom Root Chakra. Breathe waves of healing energy into that chakra, encouraging it to spin freely, like a pinwheel. Think about issues involving your foundational world. Your home. Your access to food and water. If you feel stress or strain, remember to count your many blessings. What you have now, many others out there would dream of having. Make sure your desires for change are realistic. If they are, think of three small steps you could take to improve the situation. Focus on those three small steps. Send energy into your ability to take those three small steps.

Now move up to the Sacral chakra. Repeat.

Work your way through each chakra to the very top. With each one, breathe healing energy into it. If you feel a stuck sensation, evaluate the issue and think of three small steps you could take to move forward in that realm.

The more you regularly engage in a cycle of focus and cleaning, the better your chakras will function. This will provide you with more energy to address challenges. Over time, this energy and momentum will enable you to reach your goals and dreams.