Our mission is to help people protecting themselves from nocive electromagnetic radiation.

Today everyone knows that cell phones, wifi, laptop have a negative effect on our bodies and spirits. 

But what can we do about it ? 

At the beginning, we were looking for personal solutions, and we couldn't find anything elegant that we could wear on a daily basis. 

So we decided to think & design a solution that we will be proud of and that we can wear every day.

After a few weeks of testing, crafting, back and forwards, we had our first design ready. Then more and more people started to ask where and how they could get it, because they loved the concept.

That's how Purelywave began.

Today, we have thousands of customers around the world who love our vision and share our values, which is:

  • Protecting ourselves can be beautiful 
  • Protecting ourselves can be natural 
  • Protecting ourselves can be handmade 
  • By protecting ourselves we can give back to charity