3 Facts About Orgonite That You Need to Know

One of the first thoughts you might have upon seeing the word “orgonite,” is “what even is an orgonite?” That’s a great question!

And we’re here to help you understand precisely what an orgonite is, as well as some of the essential pieces of information you need to know about orgonites.

What are orgonites?

Put simply, orgonites are substances made up of both crystals and metals. This mixture is molded in resin and holds powerful protective properties.

Now that you can answer the common question, “what are orgonites?” you’re ready to delve deeper into the world of these almighty energy-healers.

3 Facts About Orgonite That You Need to Know

1. Orgonites have a scientific background.

If you’re like most people, you want to know the facts about something before buying into it. Maybe you’d like orgonite debunked before you read any further - and that’s perfectly understandable! Luckily, orgonites have a rich scientific background.

Orgonite comes from the word “orgone,” which was named by an Australian doctor of medicine and well-known psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich. Reich is responsible for the body of original scientific work known as orgone biophysics, which is a subset of the more extensive field of orgonomy. In essence, there is plenty of research about orgonites out there just waiting for you to discover it.

2. Orgonites can help clear negative electromagnetic energy.

Negative electromagnetic energy is all around us. It is a subtle foe because it is impossible to detect with our primary senses. Some of the most common causes of negative electromagnetic energy are Wi-Fi routers, computers, TV & mobile screens, some kitchen appliances, and even your basic electrical power outlets! Orgonites have the properties capable of counteracting many of the adverse effects of these modern-day energy-vampires.

3. There are several benefits to using orgonite.

Many orgonite users remain committed to the use of this scientific marvel due to its numerous benefits, such as physical and spiritual well-being. Also, orgonite is known to assist in sleeping by creating a more calming atmosphere where dreams are encouraged to be more vivid. Most importantly and many would likely say that orgonites real power lies in its capacity to protect our bodies from harmful environmental effects due to electromagnetic radiation.

Final Thoughts: Aside from the facts mentioned above about orgonite, there is another crucial element to orgonite that is important to keep in mind - orgonite comes in several different forms. One of the most popular forms of orgonite, often in people’s homes or offices, is an orgone pyramid. Also, you will often hear about domes and cones made of orgonites as well.

One of the less-known forms of orgone that might be even more beneficial to its users includes orgone jewelry. The reason this form of orgonite might be especially beneficial is that it allows the user to bring their orgone with them in a way that is fashionable and casual, without anyone being the wiser.

In essence, by wearing an orgonite pendant or bracelet, you can help clear negative energy wherever you go.