The Number One Secret Behind Orgonite and How It Works

Orgonite is one of the best kept secrets in the world of crystals. Just what is Orgonite all about? What does it do? How does it work? Read on to learn more about the magical world of Orgonite!


The Energy of Orgone

In order to understand Orgonite, you need to start by learning about Orgone. Orgone is the life force which surrounds and permeates all of us. Some cultures call it chi. In some cultures it’s prana. Others call it a cosmic energy. It was in the 1930s that Wilhelm Reich, a renowned doctor who worked alongside Freud, delved deeply into his research on these energy fields.

After years of examination and experimentation, Reich discovered that the underlying energy fields around us all can be nurtured and protected. But the science of the time was simply not up to the task. Back then people would have laughed at the concept that sharks can sense energy fields, for example. Nowadays it’s well known that their ampullae of Lorenzini are extremely sensitive to electrical fields. That same type of knowledge is spreading to other life and energy fields.

This is where Orgonite comes in.


What Is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a composite structure assembled of various types of metals and crystals. Usually these metals and crystals are suspended in a clear resin. This is a key secret of how the Orgonite works. Some people think the resin simply acts as a “holding structure” – something clear that allows the various components to be seen and admired while they do their energy-cleansing function.

But it’s much more than that.

When a resin shrinks, it compacts in on itself as it dries. It “squeezes in” against itself, toward the center. Think of a square of Jello-O as it dries. It tends to pull in away from the edges of its container. That is the same way in which the resin works.

As the resin does this, it is compacting in against whatever is within its matrix. This includes the metal objects, but – more importantly – the crystals.


Crystals and Vibrations

Crystals are not simply inert hunks of pretty rock. They have a special structure which defines them as crystals. These structures have set sides and facets. Now think back to the concept of crystal radios. How did they work? They worked because of the specific ways in which crystals vibrate to energy.

When the resin compacts in against a crystal, it interplays with the crystal’s vibration. This all enhances the ability of the crystal to vibrate in a specific way.


Cleansing Energy Fields with Orgonite

You’ve probably felt that clean-air feeling after a thunderstorm. It’s as if the thunderstorm washed away all the dirt and grime. It actually does! What happens is the negative ions generated by the thunderstorm connect with any lingering mold or dust in the air. The negative ions “clump” those toxins so they get heavy and fall to the ground, where they are swept up or vacuumed. Objects like Orgonite work in the same way. They create that thunderstorm type of cleansing to wash out the issues caused by all the things that generate positive ions – electronics, computer screens, cell phones, and the like.


Take Charge of your Space

Pollution is ever-present. Add in the energy chaos caused by wi-fi signals, cellphone signals, electronic outlets, and the like, and it’s no wonder we feel stressed and low-energy in many situations. Adding Orgonites in our world is a way to counteract and refresh those issues.

It’s a good idea to have an Orgonite in each room. This ensures each one can keep its space as clean as possible. Add in an Orgonite piece of jewelry so you’re better protected when you leave the house, and you’ll be on your way to a higher energy, clearer-headed lifestyle.