Crystal Grids To Manifest Your Dreams

What are crystal grids

Crystal grids are wonderful and highly effective tool to manifest your desired goals and outcomes. What’s the difference in working with individual crystals and a crystal grid, you may ask. Well, the power of crystal grid comes from combined energies of various crystals that you choose to you use, how you lay them out in a grid and the intentions you set. So, basically, a crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals and stones, used with intention, to manifest a desired outcome.

How to make a crystal grid

There are no strict rules when it comes to the layout of a crystal grid, rather you are called to use your intuition and be guided from within. Some people like to use sacred geometry prints as a base for their grids, others instead like to use flowers, leaves and other pieces from nature. As said, there are no strict rules, so let your imagination and creativity run wild and play a bit with how you choose to set out your unique grid!

Step by step guide to creating your own crystal grid

1) The first step in creating a crystal grid is setting the intention for the grid. What are those desires you’d like to see manifest? What are your goals? Where are you headed towards? To get clearer on those, you may want to set aside 15 minutes of quiet meditation and contemplation to discover what you truly want. Once clear, write those intentions on a piece of paper that you’ll put in the center of the grid.

2) The second step is choosing the crystals that you want to involve in your grid. You can either do a little research and be guided by the properties and benefits of certain crystals and how those relate to your intentions or you can simply be guided by your gut feeling and personal preferences when it comes to stones and crystals and choose those you feel most called towards. Connect with your intuition and let it guide you.

3) Step 3 is very important and it consists of cleansing the space and the crystals you’ll be working with. You can smudge your space and crystals with palo santo or sage, or you can cleanse your crystals in clean water and leave them charge briefly in the sun or in the moonlight. Beware that not all crystals can be charged in the sun, so we suggest you do a little research on each individual crystal before you choose a method of cleansing it.

4) Create a sacred atmosphere, light up some candles, put on relaxing music, preferably without lyrics and say outloud the intentions you wrote down on the piece of paper beforehand. Once you stated your intentions outloud, you can put the piece of paper in the center of your grid.

5) Step 5 is putting the crystals in the grid. Once again, let yourself be led by your intuition while doing so, and lay the crystals down in the grid in the way you feel is the best.

6) Once you laid all crystals and stones in the grid, it’s time to activate the grid! You can use a separate pointy crystal to do so and basically, just go around your grid and touch each crystal with the point until they are all connected to each other. Once the grid is activated, you’d like to leave it out for some time, overnight, or even for at least 48 hours to let the magic of the energies do their thing. This fortifies the grid and the intention you set out for yourself.


When is the perfect time to work with crystal grids? You can do crystal grids whenever you feel called to do so, or you can try to work with the energies of the Moon to make your rituals even more powerful and try to set out grid on the Full Moon or the New Moon. As we continue repeating, there are no strict rules when it comes to crystal grids, so whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong, the only thing that matters is that you are aligned with yourself, with your intentions and with your divine intuition!

Other wonderful tool that can be incorporated in your crystal grids are orgonites. Try placing an Orgonite Pyramid in the center of your grid, folding a piece of paper with your intentions underneath and be a witness of magical things coming through in your life.