Root Chakra: How To Keep It Open & Aligned

What are chakras?

Everything in this Universe is made up out of energy.
The same goes for our physical bodies, where that energy is organized in ‘focal points’ called chakras and meridians.
Although there are numerous chakras all throughout our bodies, usually we focus on 7 main ones, localized along our spine.

The Root Chakra and its properties

The first one, the Root chakra or Muladhara, is located roughly around your pelvic floor, at the base of your spine. When this energy center is in balance, you feel secure, calm and anchored in reality. You feel bold enough to take new challenges and have all the necessary confidence to do so. However, if your Root chakra is out of balance or blocked you may feel threatened, panicked or anxious. You may also encounter problems with concentration and be constantly worried about your well-being. Physical issues that may manifest as the consequence of the blocked Root Chakra are sore lower back, low energy levels and cold extremities.

As the Root chakra is related to all your basic needs, it influences how grounded you feel, your physical drives (food, shelter and rest), the sense of safety you feel, your survival and how confident you feel to change and grow. This means when your Root Chakra is healthy and in alignment you’ll feel stable, relaxed and comfortable with your life. You’ll also feel the sense of safety needed to explore and try new things. On the other hand, when your Root Chakra is blocked or misaligned you’ll feel insecure, worried about a basic need, even if that worry isn’t based in real facts (p.e. anxiety-induced).

There are many ways you can open and bring back to balance your Root Chakra and here are some of them:


Each chakra is traditionally connected to some stones and crystals. Working with these stones or simply wearing them as piece of jewlry may have great impact on your energy centers. Stones that are connected to the Root Chakra are:

- Red Jasper (perfect for balancing erratic mood swings)

- Red Carnelian (associated with strength, cleansing and bravery, great choice if you struggle with fearfulness and can’t leave your comfort zone)

- Obsidian (it may bring you comfort as you work to move to a place of greater security in your life)

- Bloodstone (linked to pushing negative energy and increasing confidence)


Meditation is beneficial to every chakra block, not only Root Chakra blockages. However, when meditating on your Root Chakra, it may be particularly good to do so in nature, where you can physically align your root chakra with the element of Earth, by sitting on the ground. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine in your mind’s eye red light expanding in the place of your Root Chakra and connecting you deeply to the Mother Earth’s center. You can also do some grounding techniques in this position which will help you to further fortify your Root Chakra.


Healthy diet is a must if you want to have your chakras open and balanced. However, there are also specific foods connected to the Root Chakra that may help you open it and keep it harmonised. These foods include:

- Protein-rich foods such as beans, tofu, green peas, spinach and almonds.

- Red foods such as strawberries, cherries, tomatoes and red bell peppers.

- Root vegetables like beets, garlic and potatoes.


Orgonites can be quite a powerful tool for opening your chakras if you use them together with visualisation. We suggest laying down, placing an Orgonite Pyramid on, in this case, your Root Chakra, and imagining colour red spreading through the point of touch with the pyramid all around the lower area of your body. Breathe deeply and try to hold the image for at least 5 minutes. After that, cleanse your Orgonite pyramid under the water and you are ready to go with your Root Chakra energised!