Brief Guide To Cleansing Your Crystals

Why cleansing your crystals is important

Whether you are just using crystals as pieces of your jewllery collection or you are working with them as part of spiritual rituals, it is extremely important to cleanse them from time to time. Crystals pick up energy and vibrations, so if you’ve just bought some new crystal babies to add to your collection, you want to make sure their energy is pure and fresh and that they are ready to be charged with your positive intentions and desires.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals and here are some of them:

1) Cleansing with Water

You can immerse your crystals in a bowl of water or, if you are lucky enough to live near a natural source of water, you can cleanse them there. Water does not only cleanse physical impurities that may have accumulated on the surface of your precious stones, but also energetically resets them. Having said so, there are certain types of crystals that do not work well with water, so make sure to do a little research before you bathe them in this powerful cleansing liquid.

2) Cleansing with Earth

You can bury your crystals for a night or a day in fresh soil, that way they will release all lower frequencies and be ready to get charged with new positive intentions and be used in your sacred crystal rituals.

3) Cleansing with Smoke

Whether you opt out for sage, palo santo or some other smudging device, smoke can be a beautiful and easy way to cleanse your crystals of all those off vibes that you don’t want on them. Place your crystals in one hand or on the table and pass the smudging device of your choice around them, having them completely enveloped by the smoke and visualizing all the lower energies leaving the auric fields of your crystal friends.

4) Cleansing with Visualization

Our minds are quite powerful tools, more so than we’d like to admit. To cleanse your crystals with visualization, you’ll need to set some undisturbed time aside, put on some nice, soothing music, and go into the meditative state. Whilst in that state, with your physical eyes closed, imagine a beam of bright white light pouring right out of your third eye and falling over the crystals placed in front of you. Imagine each one of your crystals getting soaked and surrounded in that bright white light, intending for the highest cleansing of all the bad energies from them. Repeat the process as many times as you feel is needed until your crystals are fully cleansed and recharged.

5) Cleansing with salt

Salt has been used for various rituals and banishings in the witch world throughout the centuries and not randomly so! Salt is a powerful and deep cleanser and you can use it to soak out negative vibes from your crystals, as well. Pour some salt in a bowl and bury your crystals in it for a night or so. Again, beware that the crystals you are trying to cleanse work well with the element of salt, and for that you’d have to dig a bit about them beforehand and find out whether they go along with salt or not. But, hey, what’s a little research when you want to keep your crystalline friends in perfect pure, high-vibe state?

6) Cleansing with Reiki

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can use Reiki symbols and energy to cleanse your crystals. Hold the crystals with your non-dominant hand and visualize CKR symbol with its mantra in purple light, cleansing the crystal. Then visualize SHK with its mantra in color green infiltrating the crystals with the energy of infinite love. After that, visualize the symbol HSZN with its mantra in indigo blue color charging the crystals with the energy of harmony. To finish off the ritual, newly visualize the symbol CKR, sealing your intentions and charging the crystals with Reiki energy for 5 more minutes. That’s it! It’s best to charge your crystals this way every two weeks or so.

7) Cleansing with the Moonlight

We all know how powerful the moon is and leaving your crystals to bask in the moonlight for a night may do miracles for them. The same goes with…

8) Cleansing with the Sunlight

Leave your crystals for 15-30 minutes in the sunlight and they will be fully charged and ready to be used in your magical rituals! Be sure you studied the crystals you a re working with, though, as some of them are not intended to be exposed to the direct sunlight.

9) Cleansing with another Crystal

Some crystals, like pure quartz, are known to be great cleansers of other crystals. You can place the crystals you want cleansed in a bowl full of pure quartz or selenite and leave them there for the night. By the morning they should be fully cleansed, vibrant and bursting with fresh energy.

What about Orgonites and cleansing?

The same tips you can use for your Orgonite Pyramids and pendants. If you choose to enrich your jewellery collection with these lovely Droplet Orgonite Pendants or this powerful 7 Chakras Orgonite Pendant, that’ll also protect your from the harmful EMFs, make sure you cleanse them before you tie them around your neck in order to make them work in their full potential.