Benefits & Healing Properties Of Turquoise

Brief history of Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the most popular gemstones in history.

It has been used by many ancient civilisations all throughout the world. There are records of turquoise use in Africa, Asia, South and North America and Ancient Egypt. Native Americans considered it to be a sacred stone and used it to connect heaven and earth. Although in ancient times it was mostly used as a protection and companion on traveling, today turquoise has many different uses and wonderful benefits for the person using it.

What are its benefits?

Primarily, it is a stone connected with flow in every sense of that word. Wherever you’re feeling stuck or that the energy is stagnating, bring some turquoise in and it will reset the natural flow of the energy and get things moving again. It is particularly beneficial for physical health, especially if you are experiencing some stiffness, knee-pain or blood problems, turquoise will help the movement of the chi through your body and alleviate the symptoms you may be encountering. When working with turquoise for your physical heath, pay special attention to your cravings as they will be connected to the elements that you may be missing, so if you crave a banana it may mean that you are lacking magnesium in your physical vessel.

How Turquoise promotes emotional well-being

Turquoise is not only extremely helpful on the physical plane, but also on the emotional one. When we are emotionally balanced, our energy flows freely, but when we are not or when we are experiencing some firey emotions such as anger or rage that get us out of the balance, turquoise may be of great help to calm and pacify those rough emotions and bring us back to the state of peace and ease. Using turquoise regularly in your meditations may promote an overall sense of tranquility and calmness.

Money and Turquoise

Another area where turquoise is very powerful companion is money. As money is no other than a form of energy flowing, turquoise helps to establish or re-establish the free flow of money coming in and going out of our life, removing all the blocks and obstacles in being so. Meditating and visualizing what wealth truly means to us while holding in your hand a turquoise may be extremely powerful and bring forth amazing results. To make things run even smoother on the money plane, try keeping a piece of turquoise in your wallet.

Self-expression and Turquoise

There are many varieties of turquoise and its colour may differ from blue to green and all the nuances in between. As we know, colour blue is connected to our throat chakra and green to our heart chakra, therefore turquoise is a wonderful stone for communication and self-expression and not only that, but the communication of our realest, most raw heart desires that we may want to share with the world. If you feel you are lacking confidence or motivation for honest self-expression, try working with turquoise to bring about change in that area and help you to express yourself in authentic ways.

Unfortunately, as turquoise is getting rarer and rare to find and is one of the first crystals mined, there are many fakes being sold, so be particularly attentive and alert when buying your turquoise stone.

Maintenance and corresponding energies

When it comes to cleaning, it is enough to leave a turquoise for 15 minutes under the water and it should be in its full power after that.

To make your turquoise even stronger, you can work with the essential oil of lime along with it or invite in your meditations the guardian of the throat chakra known to further assist with enhancing the self-expression, which is bluebird.

You may choose to work with this powerful crystal in your meditations and visualisations or simply decide to wear it a a piece of jewelry by itself or along with other crystals, like in our 7 Chakras Orgonite Necklace that promotes the harmony of all seven chakras in your emotional and spiritual bodies. Whatever you choose, expect miracles results and experiences and discover why this stone has been popular for over thousands of years.

Enjoy your turquoise!