How To Clean Negative Energies With Orgonite

We have all witnessed entering a room where the energy just feels low and yucky. Whether it is because someone had a fight in there or for some other reason, we can sense negative energy when we find ourselves in the midst of it. How to reverse that energy and reestablish the flow of positive energy in our environments and in our bodies?

Orgonites and crystals

Our first suggestion is to use orgonites, which are specifically designed for that purpose: attracting low-vibe energies and transmuting them into positive life-force energy, protecting us from EMFs, Wi Fi and other harmful waves that can cause health difficulties on all levels. You can try out our Orgonite Pyramids and put them in a space where you spend most time in to continually cleanse and refresh the energy in the room. Otherwise, wearing an Orgonite Pendant can be of great help to keep those negative energies at distance and your aura clean and fresh.

Other than orgonites, there are numerous other ways to cleanse your energetic field and keep at bay low vibes that, let's be honest, serve no one.


Smudging or burning sage, palo santo or other sacred plants has been known for centuries and used mainly by Native American tribes. It purifies the space, cleanses energy fields and is superpowerful when paired with a healing intention of a kind. So, treat yourself with some palo santo or sage and make it a sacred ritual by going around your house, saying the intentions and cleansing all negative energies that have accumulated in there.


There’s no better healer than our Mother Earth. Science has proven that walking barefoot on the ground soaks in all negative ions leaving you healthier, refreshed and filled with positive energies. Whether it’s a luscious wood behind your house or a tiny park near your apartment building, take time to walk barefoot in nature. You can go a step further even and place your hands in damp soil, while stating the intention of leaving all bad vibes in the soil and opening yourself up for higher vibrations.


If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, be wise and use that wonderful opportunity to reap all the benefits of healing ocean water. Ocean water is full of salt and minerals that bring your energy field back in balance, leaving you energised and refreshed. Give the negative energy to those strong ocean waves, you really don’t need to carry it around anymore.

Clear your space

Accumulation and untidy places are negative energy’s favourite shelter, so do yourself a favour and tidy up! Get rid of all that you are not actively using, declutter all the spaces in your house in order to allow that prana to flow once again. They say that a cluttered space results in cluttered mind, and they are right! Once you tidy up all your spaces, you can pass some sage around and decorate your house with gemstones, crystals and orgonites to further infuse your sanctuary with positive and high vibrations.


Nowadays, you don’t have to own singing bowls or a gong to clear negative energy out of your body and space, even though if you have them, use them! There are loads of videos on YouTube offering vibrations that elevate the energy around and cleanse the negative energy out of the way. Sound is a powerful healer, so do not underestimate this method of cleansing and put more intention in which kind of music you listen to, ‘cause, vibrationally, it all matters!

Get physically active

Moving our bodies is not only good for them, but also does miracles for our minds! It triggers some pretty cool hormones in our brains that make us more positive, more alert and cleansed on all levels. Do not be afraid to break a sweat few times a week and do it mainly for your mental state rather than overfocusing on bodily aspects of the workout that you are doing.


Meditation, especially if paired with crystals and Orgonite Necklaces or Pyramids, is a great way to declutter our minds and reconnect to our true essence, that which lies underneath all the mental chatter we are so used to listening. Even if it’s a brief ten minutes meditations, it can do miracles for your mental and emotional wellbeing and you may also notice that you are less tired and needing less sleep, so why not give this method a try for a week or month?