Energy Healing & Reiki

Everything in this Universe is made up of energy.

Yes, even those things that our physical senses perceive as solid are made up of energy. Speaking in the energetic terms, there’s no much difference between air and a table - they are made of the same stuff, vibrating at different frequencies.

Understanding the energetical fabric of this Universe, it’s not difficult to understand why energy healing works and further on, why more and more people are seeking help in alternative approaches such as energy healing rather than in traditional, Western medicine.

But, let us start from the beginning.

Energy healing has been around for centuries and centuries, used by our ancestors in places such as Egypt, India and Americas long before there was any scientific proof supporting its efficiency. Our predecessors witnessed the power of energy healing in curing all kind of ailments - whether those were manifesting on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. They understood that all of these subtle bodies are truly interconnected and that only by healing the disease at its root cause can we be really freed from our symptoms for good.

On the other hand, what Western medicine does is it cures the symptoms (often with only temporary results), while being completely unaware at what is at the root of certain conditions. That’s why nowadays more and more people are seeking help in alternative approaches, being it Ayurveda, acupuncture, Reiki, crystal healing, sound baths and list goes on and on. All of these and more are types of energy healing based on the central teaching that all is One, all is interconnected and all is made out of the same cloth. What happens on the more subtle levels, with time manifests on the denser levels. Seeing the Universe through that lense, it is easy to understand how something like chronic stress with time can become a ‘palpable’, physical disease.

As mentioned before, energy healing is really the umbrella-term for a large array of different schools and modalities that, although differing in the approaches and tools they use (p.e. some methods use crystals, pendulum, herbs, essential oils, touch, pressure etc.), have the same foundational principles that are based in the energetic nature of our Universe. None of the modalities is superior to another and which one you’ll choose depends solely on which one you feel called towards. There’s no formula to help you out with this choice. Feel free to choose few of the modalities until you find one that suits your preferences and what you are looking for the best.

During an energy work session, a trained practitioner manipulates the subtle energies of the body to ensure the wellbeing of the person on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Energy healing works because each ailment manifesting itself at denser levels, such as a physical disease, firstly occurs as a blockage in the energy flow in those more subtle bodies. Therefore, in order for the treatment to be successful the root cause must be addressed and not just the symptoms. Once the root has been ‘pulled out’ and the healthy energy flow is reestablished, we may witness the disappearance of the symptoms for good. The good health is a sign of a balanced energy field and viceversa.

Who can become an energy healer? Anyone! If you feel pulled towards this work, go ahead and give it a try! All around the world there are teachers and practitioners of different modalities eager to share their knowledge and educate new wave of young practitioners to help heal the bigger number of people and support the healing of Gaia at large.

As a Reiki Master practitioner I will talk about a Reiki for a second here.

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality recognised by World Health Organization WHO in 1962.

The term itself derives from two words: rei which refers to a subtle energy that permeates all of the things or the cosmic energy of the Universe, and ki which is the vital energy that is present in every living thing, otherwise also known as prana or chi. Therefore, Reiki can be seen as ‘life-force energy that is being spiritually directed and guided for the highest benefit of the Universe as a whole’.

During a Reiki session, a trained practitioner connects through their crown chakra to the Source of that energy, allowing it to pour down to the heart space and from there spread to the palms, eyes and breath. Onwards, practitioner guides that energy to the energy field of the receiver, usually through placing his/her palms on the surface or just a little above receiver’s physical body. Touch is not necessary during a Reiki session, but it is proven to have therapeutic effect on the patient and to calm their nervous system down.

There are many stories about how Reiki came into existence and the one my Teacher passed onto me is about Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki and the guy through whom this method was spread around the world.

The legends says that Usui, in his quest for the enlightenment went to the mountain Kurama in 1922 to fast and meditate. The last day of his retreat he felt a sudden rush of a strong energy in the center of his brain, as if he had been hit by a lightening. He fainted and once he was awake again, he found himself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as he had never felt before in his life. The Reiki energy entered his body and that way he received the initiation together with knowledge on how to use the symbols and help other people, as well.

Nowadays, Usui’s teachings together with symbols, he received are available to be studied from any place in the world, online or in person, helping thousands and thousands people regain balance in their every day life and treat difficulties such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, indigestion etc. etc. The great thing about Reiki is that you can do it by yourself on yourself or have it done by another practitioner.


Many Reiki practitioners, but also practitioners of other energy healing modalities use crystals to help them in balancing people’s energy fields. We recommend these beautiful Orgonite Pyramids and our 7 Chakras Orgonite Pendant designed specifically to align your chakras and keep your field well-balanced.