Moon Magic & Crystals

Ever since the beginning of times humankind has been fascinated by the Moon.

Not only its (or should we say ‘her’ as it is so strongly connected to the divine feminine archetype and energy) magnificent beauty, but also the way it affects everything on Earth has been a subject of study and object of fascination for centuries and centuries, amongst various cultures and peoples.

Lunar cycles are connected to the tides, female menstrual cycle and many other things in Nature, phrases such as ‘once in a blue moon’ are part of a common knowlege, we’d all admit once in a while to feel strange or different when the Moon is full and Moon, indeed, has an important role in magic and mysticism.

Diving into the mystical teachings around the Moon and lunar cycles can help us to attune our lives in order to live more in sync with nature and to manifest all our desires and wishes more quickly into this physical reality! When it comes to manifesting and using the power of the Moon, we can use some of the principles from Wiccan tradition to aid us in our rituals.

Wiccans approach magic and rituals according to the principle of ‘sympathy’, also known as ‘sympathetic magic’, which means that like attracts like and the timing of the rituals should be in tune with energies of the Earth and their shifts. Therefore, the phase of the New Moon, for example, is a perfect time to plant seeds and set new intentions about things we want to manifest and call into our reality. On the other hand, Full Moon is more of a time of closure, releasing, cutting cords and closing chapters, but it is also the most powerful phase in a Lunar cycle and can be really used for any kind of strong rituals.

Let us walk through each phase of a Lunar cycle and see how we can extract the utmost benefit of the energetics of the each particular phase.


New Moon is the first phase of the Lunar cycle when the Moon appears in the nightsky after a short absence known as the Dark Moon. It is the ideal time for setting new intentions, dreaming new beginnings into being, so pull out a piece of paper and let your imagination run wild fueled by this beutiful initiation energy.


In this phase the Moon begins to grow. The energetics of this phase are highly magnetic, ideal for so-called ‘constructive magic’, which involves calling in what you want to see more in your life. It might be concrete plans and things, but also stuff as more self-love, more excitement, more appreciation etc. The energy here is all about ‘pulling’ from within what you want more of, without worrying about ‘how’ that will come into your life in a practical manner.


While the Waxing Crescent phase is all about going within and pulling out, this new phase of Lunar cycle is about the attraction from without. This is the ideal phase for getting clear on what you want to bring into and draw into your life, such as new partner, new client, new friends, success, money and so on. Again, the only limits here are those set by your own imagination, so make sure you are seeing a big picture and understanding that this Universe is truly limitless and you can bring into being truly anything.


Energies of this phase are great for giving you that extra push to something you’ve been working on, but has been stagnating as of recently. Therefore, if you are encountering lack of motivation to finish a project or stick to your new diet plan, use these energies to give you a push in a wanted direction and aid you in overcoming temptations and resistance you might be struggling with.


As you surely already know, this is the most powerful of all Lunar phases, so make sure to take the most out of it. Focus on things of utmost importance in your life, create powerful rituals, spells and affirmations that will help you in manifesting your desires into the real, 3D world.


After the Full Moon, the Moon starts to get smaller, so we are entering in so-called ‘waning’ phase in which energetics are more conducive for banishing and ‘destroying’, letting go of all that you no longer want to witness in your reality. You can also use these energies to go within and do some introspective work in order to better understand what in your life needs closure and is no longer in alignment with your True Self and who you want to be from this moment on.


This phase of the Lunar cycle is perfect for smoothing any wrinkles you encoutered on the road towards your desired outcomes. You can use spells and rituals aimed at fortifying your willpower, so you don’t give up on what is important to you, even though you might be seeing some obstacles at the moment.


As we are getting closer to the end of the Lunar cycle and entering once again Dark Moon phase, the energies are getting more suitable for ‘cutting’ and banishing anything you no longer want in your life. Evaluate your life, therefore, and scan for all those things that are just sucking your energy and joy and no longer serve purpose that might once served.

Energies of the Moon are subtle, yet powerful. This little guide should only serve to spark your imagination and not to limit you or be used as rules set in stone on how to perform moon magic. Your main compass in any magical rituals should be your own loving Heart and creativity, so please keep that in mind while preparing for your next Moon ritual.


To make them even more powerful, add some crystals to your moon magic rituals! Our recommendations are these beautiful Orgonite Pyramids and our Water Droplet Rose Quartz Necklace that you can fuel with full moon energies and then wear it on yourself for the rest of the month.