Amethyst, The King of The Crystal World

Amethyst is often one of the first crystals in one’s personal collection and also the one that gains lots of attention all over the spiritual sphere. Rightfully so? Definitely!

Other than its beautiful shape and magnificent colour, amethyst has many properties that makes it a stone that you definitely want to consider getting - at least a small one to put around your neck or wear in your pocket.

So, what is it that makes amethyst so special and powerful, taking the place of the King of the Crystal World?

Let us start with the name of this crystal, which comes from the Greek améthystos, meaning ‘not intoxicated’. The connection with the Greek mythology and this beautiful stone is known and the myth talks about Bacchus, the god of wine and celebration, who, insulted by a mere mortal, decides to revenge to the next mortal that would cross his path and asks for the tigers’ help to perform this revenge. The next mortal that crossed his path was a beautiful young maiden named Amethyst, on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana. To protect the young lady from the angry tigers, Diana turned Amethyst into a statue of crystalline quartz. At the sight of beautiful crystal statue, Bacchus wept tears of wine that gave the crystal its purple colour.

The purple colour of this stone is also connected to the violet flame of transformation, indicating that this little gem can be of great aid when one is going through transformation and healing, and due to its calming properties and connection to the 7th or otherwise called crown chakra, it connects us to our higher, spiritual selves, helps us to calm down, relax, alleviate stress and anxiety and if kept by your side while sleeping, it can aid falling asleep and having good and regenerating rest. If you are at the beginning of your ow spiritual journey, amethyst is definitely the crystal you want to have by your side. You can use it in meditation, wear it as a piece of jewlry or put it under your pillow at night. Fear not creativity and explore your own ways of introducing this powerful gift of nature in your everyday life!

As mentioned before, the sole name of the crystal is a Greek word meaning ‘not intoxicated’ which points to this crystal’s properties to aid one struggling with addictions of any kinds or sorts. Of course, it is not the replacement for therapy or any rehabilitation program that you may be undertaking, but why not give it a chance and see how it can give you that extra support on your addiction healing journey? It surely cannot hurt giving it a try!

Now, the colour of amethyst varies from transparent pinkish to deep, dark purple and there are many sub-varieties of this gem found all around the world. Amethyst is mostly found in Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and different parts of USA. It may be found in some other places as well and due to the large quantities of this crystal that still exist on our Momma Earth, there’s no need whatsoever of faking it and producing false amethyst, yet every now and then you may encounter those as well, so beware of that whilst you’re shopping for your crystal collection!

The purple colour of the amethyst is due to the traces of iron that reside within the crystal and its shade depends on the process of making of the crystal and natural conditions of the locality where it was formed. There are many types of amethysts and some of them are: Geodes,Vera Cruz,Uruguay Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Super Seven, Ametrine, Chevron Amethyst, Brandberg Amethyst etc.

Amethyst has been used in ancient cultures, from Egypt to Asia, both as a piece of jewlry and in magical rituals. So, in Egypt, per example, magicians would create images of animals and spirits out of this powerful stone and use it for protection against evil spirits and bury it in the tombs. On the other side, Christians saw its purple colour representing the blood of Christ’s suffering and it was used to bring forth spiritual purification. In ancient China, amethyst was used as a portal to the dreamworld and by placing it under the pillow it brought forth amazing, vivid dreams.

Putting the history aside for a moment, how can you use amethyst in your day-to-day life to get the most benefit of its magnificent properties?

As already mentioned, it promotes sobriety, it may help you to connect with higher, spiritual realms, calm anxiety and restlessness, open the portals to magical, vivid dreams and much more. If you feel clouded and with difficulties making a decision, amethyst can promote clarity and assertiveness when it comes to seeing the situation as it really is. It calms down the emotional turmoil and helps to connect you with your higher self intelligence in order to make best possible decision at any given moment. By saying this, it does not mean that amethyst will make you emotionally dull or disconnected, but it will simply allow you to take a step back, analyse critically and acknowledge all of your emotions at the given moment and only then take carefully pondered upon decision.


This is just a tiny, sweet bit about this wonderful crystal and as we learn the most through direct experience, we encourage you to go get yourself a piece of this gem and find out more of how can it serve and support you in your everyday life! You can check out our beautiful Amethyst Orgonite Necklace and experience yourself all of the wonderful benefits of this crystal!