The Spiritual Origins of Orgone

We here at Purelywave handcraft many and different beautiful Orgonite items, but have you ever been curious about the origin of Orgonite? Or Orgone--the energy that it revitalizes?


The Discovery of Orgone

In the early 20th century a psychoanalyst by the name of Wilhelm Reich of Austria began formulating the concept of Orgone while working with distressed patients. Reich worked alongside the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and focused much of his research on the mysteries of sexual energy, otherwise known as libido.

To Reich, libido was the force that created life itself and gave humans their vitality. But what was it made of exactly? In conducting experiments, Reich determined that life energy itself must come from a source that was at that point undiscovered, and he called that force Orgone.


Orgone in the 1940s

Reich moved to the United States in 1939 to escape Nazi Germany and continued his research of Orgone in New York. Orgone became a popular topic with artists and writers during the Beat Generation such as William S Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, specifically because it united sexuality in a larger framework of the Universe.

However, like many revolutionary thinkers throughout history, Reich was sadly shut down by the ruling powers of his time. Members of the United States press as well as the Food and Drug Administration saw to it that Reich’s work was discontinued, calling him a communist and his followers a cult.


The Revival of Orgone

In the 1960s and continuing through to today, however, a great resurgence emerged in the interest of Orgone. The American College of Orgonomy was founded in 1968, and the bi-annual Journal of Orgony is still being published today. Luckily for us, Orgonite jewelry remains very popular and contains the unique mixture designed by Reich himself of organic resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals to bring benefits to its users.

In fact, in 2018, a young researcher working for Vice found that individuals who used Orgone-accumulators showed notable decreases in stress levels. Similarly, James Strick, a scientist reporting in the Harvard University Press in 2015 argued that Reich’s work should be receiving far more attention than it currently does.


The Uniqueness of Orgonite

Regardless of its intriguing past, the most important thing we here at Purelywave care about is that Orgonite continues to benefit and bless its users with the sacred life force of our universe. We see Orgone as another way of speaking about the Eastern spiritual concepts of prana and chi. In fact, this union of East meets West is part of what makes Orgone and Orgonite jewelry so special and unique.

While originating in Europe and even the United States, Orgone and Orgonite have found a home with spiritual believers around the world. It can even be used in harmony with many other spiritual tools such as crystals, incense, and sound baths to create a fully holistic experience for the user.


As you view our great selection of Orgonite products we hope you can now feel connected to the great history it holds in the world. Order a sacred Orgonite object today, such as our Orgonite Pyramids to protect your house and family, and begin to receive the benefits and blessings it has waiting for you.

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