The Healing Benefits Of Grounding

Walking around through your day, it’s all too easy to get swept up in other people’s energies and mistake them for your own. Our individual energy fields are in constant exchange and communication amongst themselves, which may be the cause why you feel exhausted and ‘strange’ at the end of a long day, unsure which part of the energy you are carrying is your own and which you picked up from someone else.

Grounding, also known as Earthing, is wonderful technique that helps us to release extra energy that doesn’t pertain to us and attune our energetic field with the one of our hosting planet Earth. There are many ways to ‘ground’ our energy and some of those are: visualisation, meditation, being in nature and making a conscious effort to connect to trees, soil or ocean, using crystals known to have ‘grounding properties’, adding herbs and root vegetables to your diet, listening to grounding frequencies etc.

Grounding yourself with the help of Nature

Go out to the woods, beach or that park in your neighbourhood, take off your shoes and immerse your feet in the ground. You can do this sitting or standing. Breathe in deeply and intentionally, imagining with each out-breath all the low-frequency energy leaving your physical vessel and entering the Earth beneath your feet. With every in-breath imagine the powerful energy of the Earth’s core entering through the soles of your feet and fortifying your field, helping you regain balance on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Do this process as long as you feel guided to until you feel your energy settling. Other than receiving Earth energy through your bare feet immersed in the ground, you can also use your curiosity and creativity and talk to leaves, place palms of your hands on trees, observe movements of the plants being swept by the wind and so on. The healing power of Nature is truly incredible.

Grounding through visualisation

If, for one reason or another, you are not able to physically go to a place in Nature, you can bring the Nature into your home by using power of your imagination. YouTube and meditation apps are bustling with guided grounding visualisations, so you can always use those, or otherwise try out the one we are suggesting here:

Sit somewhere where you won’t be disturbed for the period of 10-15minutes (or less or more - you are the one setting the rules ;) ). Take in 5 deep, cleansing abdominal breaths and continue to breathe normally after that. Make sure your feet are firmly placed on the ground beneath you and with each new inhale, imagine firstly tiny roots leaving your feet and penetrating the floor underneath you. With each new inhale roots are getting longer and longer, stronger and thicker. You can also imagine them growing from your ankles and the chair legs if you happen to be sitting in a chair. Imagine those roots growing and growing until they reach the Earth’s core. Now, breathe in deeply the energy from the Earth’s core and imagine it travelling through your roots upwards until they enter your physical vessel and spread through all of your body, your Heart, your organs. You can do this exercise as long as you want. When you feel you had enough, simply disconnect the roots and know that you can always come back to the exercise when you need it.

Grounding with food

Thanks to Ayurveda, today we know that each food has its properties and those properties are an important factor to keep in mind, as that which we consume - literally becomes us! Food we put into our mouth effects us on so many levels, and one of them, of course, is the emotional level. So, if you find yourself anxious, floaty and unable to focus, it may indicate that your system needs grounding and ideal foods for that are: root vegetables (notice that they grow underground) such as carrots, potatoes, onions, ginger, radishes etc; naturally red fruits and veggies such as cherries, pomegranates etc.; nuts and seeds; pumpkin and squashes etc.

Grounding with crystals

Last but not least, our magical and colourful friends can be of great aid when it comes to grounding. You can choose your grounding crystals by their colour (red is connected to the Root Chakra and earth, for example) or you can follow some of our suggestions. Crystals you choose you can hold in your hand whilst meditating, you can create or buy jewlry made of certain stones and crystals or simply wear them on you when you feel your energy field needs balancing and earthing. Our favourite grounding crystals are Jasper, Smoky Quartz and Hematite.


To close off… Even though grounding is connected to Momma Earth and rebalancing our energetic fields to match its natural frequency, we can do it anywhere and in many different ways.

So, you can do a visualisation whilst commuting to work, you can buy some soil and plant little plants on your balcony, being intentional while doing so, you can listen to grounding music, eat grounding foods, wear grounding crystals… We recommend this beautiful 7 Chakras Orgonite Necklace to enhance your senses, and this powerful 7 Chakras Orgonite Pyramid to boost your spiritual rituals and reach the next level.

There are as many methods as your imagination can come up with, so - get creative and bring in that Earth element into your day!