Amethyst orgonite necklace

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As you know, 5G might affect the structure of DNA.

Impressive isn't it?...

The new EMF protection necklace emits powerful vibrations thanks to the orgone that blocks electromagnetic pollution from phone towers, smartphones, WiFi, 4G, and soon 5G...

Invisible, odorless, and intangible is what makes this enemy even more dangerous. Many studies have confirmed that electromagnetic pollution has catastrophic effects on the body ranging from attention disorders, sleep disorders to memory loss, to cancer in some cases...

Orgonite is an effective and natural solution to protect against one of the largest pollutions of the 21st century...  


  • Improves sleep quality
  • Better concentration¬†
  • A better understanding of the emotional state
  • Improves compassion and interaction¬†

These stones, sourced from India and South Africa, have been chosen for their ability to work in synergy and to amplify each other’s energetic and healing properties. Each necklace is tuned to the Schumann resonance of healing at 432 Hz.

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Specification :

✨ Real Amethyst Gemstones 

✨ Pendant Measures Approximately 1.5 inches long by 0.5 inches Wide

✨ The chain is approximately 19in long

✨ Comes in a beautiful pouch with Instructions

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Due to COVID-19 delivery times and carrier prices are much higher. For this reason, we will ship your precious once the lockdown is over. All orders will arrive safely.
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